Currency: Kenya shillings (Kshs)
Exchange Rate: approximately £1 GBP
Kshs ................. to US$1

For latest Kshs exchange rates see today’s Exchange Rate

All the major Credit cards are widely accepted, as are travelers cheques which can be changed in any bank. A commission charge is normally added to any transactions using a credit card.

Banking Hours:
Monday to Friday: 09.00-14.00 (16.30 in the major cities). The airport banks are open until midnight every day. Banks typically give a better exchange rate than hotels and we recommend you change some money at the bank upon arrival. In Nairobi, the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) has a bank located in the corner of the arrivals hall. ATM cash machines are available at Nairobi airport and in most major towns allowing cash to be drawn using an international Visa card with a P.I.N

Official Currency: Tanzania Shilling=100 cents
Current Exchange Rate: Todays Exchange Rate

Mastercard, Access and Diners Club have a limited acceptance. Traveler’s cheques can be exchanged with authorized deals and bureaux de change and are best taken in US Dollars or Pounds Sterling. Many hotels and national parks require you make payment in foreign currency either in cash or by Travellers Cheque.