Day 1: Birding at UWEC
An egret and other birds on a baffaloeStart by birding at the Uganda Wildlife Education center (UWEC) a zoologist's center for captive wild animals that has lured over 170 species of wild birds 10 species of Weavers such as the rare Northern Masked Weaver, Golden Backed, Black Necked, Northern Brown Throated, Grosbeak, Baglafect and many others. 5 species of flycatchers Crested shrike flycatcher, Lead colored, Swamp flycatcher, African paradise Red bellied etc, raptors such as the Gabar Goshawk, small banded snake Eagle, Shikra, African Goshawk, African Fish Eagle, African Hobby etc and many more species including captive animals. Proceed to Botanical gardens for another birding experience. Have lunch relax in the evening visit the sewage lagoons.
Return for Dinner and Overnight.

Day 2: Birding - Heritage Trail
one of the many bird speciesWake up for breakfast and connect to the Heritage trail a 10 minutes drive from the Airport Expect the following species; Brown Crowned Tchargra, Black Cuckoo Shrike, Brown Twin spot, Mustached Warbler, Violet backed Starlings, Yellow bill, Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Great sparrow hawk, Short Toed Snake Eagle, Red Shouldered Cuckoo Shrike, and many more. Continue to Lutembe Beach for lunch. Then take on a boat in search for the papyrus Canary, the thousands of Grey Headed Gulls, White Winged black Terns, Papyrus Gonolek, and continue birding to sunset.

Day 3: Mabamba Swamps Birding Tour
Have an early breakfast and proceed to Mabamba swamps another Important Bird Area (IBA) with a population of about 5 Shoebills. Most of the birding here is done canoeing and other species to be seen may include; Goliath, Purple, long Toed Plover, African water Rail, Grey and Black Headed Herons, Squacco Heron, Pygmy Goose, Yellow Billed Duck, Black Crake, White Faced Whistling Duck, Swamp Moorhen, Allen's Gallinule, African Jacana etc Sitatunga Antelope (swamp Antelope) and many more. Connect to Kampala stop by another swamp which may reveal Yellow Crowned Bishop, Papyrus Gonolek, Weyns Weaver, White winged Warbler, and many more take your packed lunch and continue birding to the evening as you proceed for dinner in Kampala.

Day 4: Bird Watching in Mabira Forest
An eagleArise for breakfast then connect to Mabira forest for an hours drive for forest birding in search or species such as, Yellow whiskered Greenbul, White spotted Fluff tail, Toro Greenbul, Forest Robin, Buff spotted Woodpecker, Grey spotted Woodpecker, Leaf love, Red headed Blue Bill, Yellow spotted Barbet, Grey throated Barbet, Yellow Rumped Tinker bird, Red headed Malimbe, Yellow Throated Tinker bird, Blue Breasted Kingfisher, African Pygmy, Shining blue, Woodland Kingfishers, Red tailed Ant Thrush Chestnut Wattle Eye,, Chin spot Batis, Banded Wattle Eye, Yellow mantled, Brown capped, Black Billed, Weyn's Weavers, Purple headed Starling, Violet backed Starling and many more charming species. Have a picnic lunch and continue birding to evening. Return to Kampala for Dinner and Overnight.

Day 5: Birding, Wildlife Safari - Murchison Falls NP
Take breakfast then head for a three hour drive through the Luwero triangle to Murchison falls national park as you expect over 450 species. Take a stop over for a 'leg stretch' which may reveal Olive bellied Bronze and Copper Sun birds, Compact Weaver, Dark Chanting Goshawk, Saddle billed Stork and any others. Head for a stop over in Masindi for lunch. Continue through the park as we bird to the Top of the mighty falls were they drop 45 meters and forces its way through a 7 meter fissure. Rock Pranticoles, a mixed flock of swifts, Africa Pied Wagtail, reptiles such as Red headed Agama continue birding to your accommodation as you wait for Dinner and Overnight.

Day 6: Game Viewing Tour, Bird Watching
Take breakfast and embark on a game drive in search for species such as Chestnut capped Weaver, Silver bird, , Common Drongo, Spotted morning Thrush Bruce's Green Pigeon, Namaqua Dove, White Fronted Black Chat, Black billed Dove, Vinaceous Dove, Carmine Bee-Eater, Red Throated, Swallow Tailed Bee-Eater, Isabelline and Northern Wheatears, Shoebills, Saddle bill, Grey crowned Cranes at the Delta and other game like Roth child's Giraffe, Cape Buffalo, , Elephant, Silver Backed Jackals, Jackson's Hartebeest, Lions, Orbit, Kobs, and many more. Return for lunch and relax as you move on for a boat cruise to the bottom of the falls encountering huge Nile Crocodiles, Hippos, and game drinking water birds such as Lesser Jacana, White necked stork, Fulvous whistling Ducks, a variety of Herons, Egyptian Plover, Spur Winged Plover, Rock Pranticoles, Water Thick-Knee among others.

Day 7:An Owl Murchison Falls - Kampala
Take an early morning breakfast and en route to Kampala take a brief stop over to bird along the turn to Sambiya River Lodge species such as Tawny Eagle, Martial Eagle, Grey Hornbill, Grey Kestrel, Grey Headed Kingfisher, Helmeted and Crested Guinea fowl, Senegal Coucal may be seen. Embark on a primate walk in the Kanio Pabidi forest a sector of the Budongo forest. Chimps, Black and White Colobus, Red tailed and blue monkeys and lots of Olive Baboons may be seen. Birds like White thighed Hornbills, Great blue and Ross's Turaccos, Black billed Turacco, African Green Pigeons, Afep Pigeons, Nahan's Francolin and Narina's Trogon, may also be seen. Proceed for lunch in Masindi and continue to Kampala for Dinner and Overnight.

Note should be taken that we have got two types of Safaris, Some opt for Luxury Safari (lodges / hotels) and others opt for Budget Safaris (camping and simple accommodation).Our rates vary with the accommodation type , nevertheless the rest of the activities will remain the same .Feel free to inquire.