Wildlife Safaris

This is the best place on the continent to see these big five magnificent species in their natural environment. National parks, reserves and private sanctuaries, each a world of itself. African Wildlife safari is an immersion in natures delicate and complex pattern.



Take Short Excursion in Nairobi and get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the City

Packages for short safaris from Nairobi include the following; 


Imagine of the worlds most beautiful destinations vats wilderness, savannah rich with big game equatorial forest, soaring snow capped mountains; The great migration is a vision beyond belief , one of the worlds most impressive sites staged every year in Kenya by the raw forces of nature. Book now for a safari like no other on earth. Packages for Kenya Wildlife Safaris include the following.



It’s said that a safari is a journey of discovery, well there is so much that waits to be unraveled as you travel through this majestic gift to mankind. Imagine of the world with no boundaries where counties heritage melts together in fusion to form one worlds show on earth the great stampede migration.